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  • Clean up the world – Gibraltar

    The ESG would like to update the community over its plans and progress with the Clean up the World event it is co-ordinating with the support of over twenty different organisations and services.

    Well into halfway through its planning for the activities it is now clear that a minimum of 12 areas will receive attention by the community over the weekend of the 17th and 18th September with removal of litter being the primary objective.

    Teams are now being assembled and a call is being made for more volunteers to sign up and support what will be the first of what is hoped to be an annual community clean up effort. Littering and vandalism is a serious matter that concerns many and affects us all but is by no means confined to Gibraltar as the flagged weekend will see over 100 other countries and over 30 million people together participating in this hands-on community action.

    It is understood that those who wantonly litter may continue to do so in spite of this clean up. However, it is also hoped that a strong signal will be given through this community effort that is time for change; that it is not acceptable to chuck litter about and that the majority of people in Gibraltar care about how this degrades our environment.

    The ESG hopes that more people will sign up to help out. Given the scale of the operation there will be many jobs to do to ensure its success.

    For more details please contact

    Janet Howitt on 43156
    Ernest Teuma 74467
    Ewen Clinton 50530
    Tom Scott 58009259