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    Do you care about the way we treat our environment?

    For the past two years over three hundred Gibraltar residents have taken up the challenge of cleaning up difficult to reach green areas and underwater sites as part of a mammoth global Clean up the World campaign. Both years the volunteers have collected close to 50 tonnes of rubbish!! Last year the Gibraltar Government also dedicated resources towards Gibraltar’s CUTW campaign, collecting 150 tonnes of rubbish from long established illegal dumping grounds.

    Clean up the World started in 1989 when an Australian solo-yachtsman and builder, Ian Kiernan, disgusted with the amount of rubbish he came across while sailing, organised a clean up of Sydney Harbour. Today the dedicated weekend sees 35 million people from over 120 countries taking action over the weekend. The Environmental Safety Group registered Gibraltar in 2005 to take part in this inspiring cause and is once again organising 2007’s clean up… which promises to be even bigger and even better than its predecessors!

    This years’ event falls on the 15th and 16th September. Gibraltar will see a busy cleaning up weekend launched with a parade and environmental exhibition in the heart of town. As in previous years, there will be a special theme. Clean Up the World 2007 centres around “Our climate, our actions, our future”, which describes how local actions can spread globally.

    While many may think that removing rubbish alone will not solve anything, the ESG believes that these high profile clean-ups are important for a number of reasons. Green areas and our marine environment will obviously benefit from the removal of ugly and potentially dangerous junk. The need to change negative behaviour and attitudes has to be addressed by spreading awareness and showing that the community cares; better facilities for rubbish disposal need to be provided, and then, of course, their use enforced. Clearer guidelines to the public for specific rubbish disposal will also help reduce much of the illegal dumping which takes place throughout Gibraltar.

    These issues continue to be raised by the ESG and by an ever-growing number of concerned citizens. Recycling, for example, has to be set up in Gibraltar. This not only rescues materials which can be reprocessed into valuable commodities but also instils a sense of value in the objects we buy and throw away daily, often with little regard. The link between these actions or inaction and climate change is clear. The more waste we produce the more we need to get rid of either through landfill, reprocessing or via the incinerator. All this involves lots of energy, which in turn produces more greenhouse gases, resulting in global warming.

    Giant sheets of plastic found in the seashore pulled out by concerned citizens

    Other projects in keeping with CUTW objectives of cleaning up, fixing up and greening up the environment are also being developed with “Green Watch” running for its second year. This project was started by Westside School students, who carried out studies on Gibraltar’s changing landscape during the Clean Up weekend. A conservation project with GONHS is also planned with removal of invasive weeds on the eastern slopes.

    Preparations for these and other projects are now well underway. Coastal and land surveys have already been carried out, identifying litter hotspots in a number of locations. Generally, the ESG has been overwhelmed by the response from the community so far. Clean up the World is the time to put all our differences to one side and work together as a community to help create a healthier and safer environment.

    Will you be there??

    We need your help!! Please call us on 43156, 74467 or 71020
    or email esg.gib@gmail.com

    First group planning session 17th August at 8.00pm at Plater Youth Club top floor.

    Please call or email us beforehand to inform us of your intention to attend – thanks.