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  • Cammel Laird Grit mountain

    ESG has campaigned for close on two years now for the need for safe disposal of the growing mountain of grit sitting on the quayside at Cammel Laird. This has been the subject of many mtgs the group has held with the Environmental Agency and Cammel Laird. ESG understands that the grit has remained there precisely because proper disposal under EU law has prevented the company from disposing of it locally.

    To learn that funds are being supplied in order for safe disposal to take place is therefore very good news, particularly for the many residents who have repeatedly contacted our group for help in this matter.The media reports on the announcement made at the House by Govt. on Thursday 28th April, suggested that the grit had already been shipped to Rumania or Bulgaria.

    The ESG can confirm that the mountain of grit remains on the dock and therefore asks Govt and Cammel Laird to confirm when exactly the physical removal of the grit will take place and where is its destination.