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    Regard the recent criticisms from Spain on the Wilmington and Gibraltar’s general environmental record as generally inaccurate. It is a pity, however, that Gibraltar only seems to take environmental matters seriously when having to comply with European Directives but is not seen to go out of its way in providing best possible standards and safeguards for our local community and environment.


    The Wilmington, having replaced Vemamagna, is evidently not the best choice of replacement as the latest IMO seaworthiness report shows. The Minister of the Port should give an account of his understanding of this matter that has caused some confusion within the media. The ESG would like to know if our Government is aware of the substandard report being referred to in media reports that show that the Wilmington suffers from various deficiencies and asks what is their position on this matter? The Women’s Association together with the ESG and others are voicing their concern for a professional and sensitive solution to be found for a problem that fuels both politicised criticism from our Spanish neighbours while also presenting growing unease in implications for our environment and health.


    The ESG is also extremely concerned by the recent admission from the Junta de Andalusia that there exist 4 breaches of environmental directives with regard to outfall from the La Linea area into our Bay. Can our Government and Environment Agency look into this further and establish what laws are being breached as this could be jeopardising our health and safety.