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    19th February 2004


    The ESG would like to report on the progress made on the Bucket Brigade. For those who may not yet know, the Bucket Brigade is an affordable air sampling technology that is now being used by many communities worldwide. The ESG organised for the leader of the Bucket Brigade programme to visit Gibraltar in October 2003, to assess pollution problems in our Bay caused by the Oil Refinery and associated industry. The ESG has now received an assessment from Mr Larson with an action plan, costs and equipment needed to get the project underway. Mr Larson is booked to return in April 2004, which provides time for preparation and purchasing of bucket component parts and assembly.


    Fundraising has commenced and the ESG would like to thank those within the community who have already pledged serious support for this important step in fighting pollution. Contributions from all are welcome and can be sent to :-


    ESG, Private Box 223, Imossi House OR can be paid directly to the charity’s account at Natwest no: 47517131, Account name: Environmental Safety Group.


    Raffles and other fund raising events will be announced in the press. Much help is needed from our community as laboratory analysis alone is very costly, at approx £350.00 per sample. A minimum of 6 samples will be taken initially at strategic locations as advised by Mr Larson.


    The ESG will be holding a meeting in La Linea this coming Monday where the concept of the Bucket will be launched and support for the Brigade established at a local and social level.


    The Bucket Brigade hopes to achieve a better environment for all. It seeks to do this by obtaining hard data that can be used to challenge both industry and the authorities to improve monitoring, and to accelerate the introduction of pollution reduction technology to tackle this serious health issue. Please support what could be one of the most important pollution programmes ever undertaken in our Bay.