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    ESG Radio Newsletter 260712

    Hello, in today’s broadcast we look at a number of issues which have arisen recently that you will hopefully find of interest.

    • To begin with and since we have formed part of Gibraltar’s Development and Planning Commission, a growing matter concerns applications for mobile phone mast installations. Over the years, the ESG has been approached by concerned members of the public regarding the siting of such equipment and it’s clear that in recent times, and reflecting current demand for services, this type of activity is on the rise. It may interest you to know that for the past four months the ESG has had numerous meetings with Govt and related agencies regarding the need for a review of the current criteria applied to such installations. The ESG hopes that a new policy will be formed without further delay.

    • A word on our website which has experienced problems recently- this has thankfully now been sorted out with a backlog of postings going up as we speak – that’s at: esg-gib.net

    • A few weeks ago the ESG was invited to attend a demonstration by Steelmac at Coaling Island on its Oil Spill Response capability. The professionalism and equipment on display was most impressive – however when one imagined the brightly coloured equipment in action on a major oil spill, it also took on a more depressing mantle. Clearly prevention is better than response, but still, important to know that as well as being a major bunkering provider, Gibraltar is building up its preparedness and response. There was an interesting mix of govt officials with the business world showcasing their services and equipment. Let’s hope the outcome is that we continue to invest in essential equipment to safeguard our marine environment.

    • On a different note we issue a reminder of the protest planned on the 4th August at Valdevaqueras –what we call the gorgeous Tarifa stretch of coastline – this will take place near the sand dunes as from 11.00am and is essentially for the protection of the pristine area and natural environment. If you enjoy this part of the world- then try and support the protest!

    • We have received a few calls recently from Gibraltar residents reporting excessive air pollution and we have acted on these as well as advised callers to notify the new Govt hotline announced recently which carries the double role of compiling a pollution picture in Gibraltar. Therefore as well as contacting us, please make a note of the following: daytime: 200-70620 and after hours mobile 58297000. Also write in yr complaint to: info@environment@gibraltar.gov.gi if you have access to a computer.

    • Finally a reminder that we want your waste plastic, especially plastic bags and bottles and bottle caps…The Youth Service has kindly offered to receive these for us and we confirm this is possible so please, call 200-75020 and check someone is there first, this from Monday to Friday between 9am and 2pm.

    Thanks for listening –

    Extra……Next CUTW workshop on the 1st August at 7pm, Plater Youth Club 1st floor

    ESG Radio Broadcast 120712

    ESG Radio Newsletter 12th July 2012 –

    Much going on in the environmental scene! Minister John Cortes gave his maiden budget speech for the Environment just a few days ago and the ESG considers there are a lot of positives to be drawn from what the Minister announced. Clearly, however, the fact that the power station project, a priority according to the new government, remains unconfirmed is a cause for concern. We hope the decision IS imminent and we will not be able to rest until we hear Govts plans for energy production for Gibraltar.

    This week saw the 1st of three planning sessions for the upcoming Clean up the world. Team Leaders are advised to attend the next mtg which takes place on the 7th August. Projects and sites shall be discussed one final time and allocations made so it is advisable for team leaders to attend. The final planning session is on the 11th September and important info handed out on all final preparations, logistics, etc. We are sure that this year’s campaign will take off with a bang as the Parade and Exhibitions will also add a lot of energy and create awareness about waste and other environmental issues – it also launches the hands on action by the volunteers who year on year do amazing work in helping to clean up Gibraltar. You can sign up by emailing: esg@gibtelecom.net and calling 200-48996, or 54960000.

    In the run up to this year’s campaign the ESG visited the waste plant in Los Barrios which recently saw an upgrade with new equipment installed to improve recovery rates of recyclable material from the hundreds of thousands of tons of mixed waste rec’d from all the towns in the Bay, including Gibraltar. A visit to this plant makes a very strong impression on your psyche – you never see rubbish in quite the same way again. The plant is a fascinating place and one that all schools should visit. We shall be issuing a full report on our visit on our website and in the local press with lots of interesting facts and information.

    The ESG has received a few complaints from members about the behaviour of some beach goers at local beaches and how careless many are when it comes to removing rubbish from the beach at the end of the day. This is an appeal to all listening to please set good examples to your neighbour on the beach and take your rubbish with you. Remember kids learn from their elders and we need to start taking real pride in our home town. The stark reality is also that even before Master Services get to these bags, seagulls will have beaten them to it, ripped these bags apart and left all types of disgusting rubbish strewn on the beach- some of this will be hazardous to humans (glass, metal, nappies), some will inevitably find its way into the sea and create serous problems for wildlife- if you are in any doubt as to the impact that plastic waste can have on wildlife you should google midway island –trailer on the net and see for yourselves how the volume of waste created by western lifestyles ends up affecting pristine habitats in the middle of vast oceans, creating unspeakable tragedy, over and again.

    The importance of recycling and of managing OUR waste in Gibraltar as best we can will feature highly in this years’ Clean up the World campaign.

    The ESG believes that locally we should have a litter campaign, focusing on reminding people the importance of keeping Gibraltar’s environment tidy and also applying an enforcement angle. Beaches should be a reasonably easy place to carry out such a campaign and the ESG intends to table this issue at the next Litter Committee mtg although this doesn’t take place until end of August. So in the meantime, please, take your rubbish with you and put it in a bin, and tell your friends to do the same. It could be your child who gets injured next time!



    We need your plastic!!

    ESG will be holding a number of workshops throughout the summer (18th July, 1st, 14th and 29th August) at the Plater Youth Club premises, first floor, as from 7.30pm. Aim will be to prepare displays and props for the Clean up the World awareness raising campaign. We shall be using plastic waste reflecting on the growing threat to the living environment from this material which has literally taken over our lives.

    The impact this waste has even on wildlife thousands of miles away, in otherwise pristine environments, is a real and current tragedy and action must be taken by the West to reduce and manage this waste more efficiently.

    There are exhibitions planned on this issue during the CUTW period in September where the hard work during the summer will be on display as well as projects from schools.
    The Youth Centre will be holding its annual Eco workshop during the summer, from the 20th to the 24th August, in conjunction with the Summer Sports Programme and is keen to support the CUTW Campaign this year and would be grateful for your plastic.

    The public is therefore invited to please deliver your plastic waste to the Youth Centre at Line wall Road where it can put to good use.
    **Please note you can deliver Monday to Friday between 9am to 2pm**

    Every effort will be made to take plastic artwork to dedicated recycling centres after the campaign.
    Thank You.

    ESG urge Govt not to permit resumption of waste oil treatment in Gibraltar

    ESG wishes to react to the recent media articles on Nature Plant and its potential resumption of activity in Gibraltar. While acknowledging the legal requirement to collect waste oil from ships serviced by the Gibraltar Port, the ESG reiterates its call to the Gibraltar Government to reconsider permitting the practice of treating waste for the oil, marine and process industries in Gibraltar.

    Last year’s accident cannot be glossed over as something that simply happened on one unfortunate day. The noxious fumes from the plant during normal operations affected thousands of residents for years. Since the explosion, death of a contract worker, and closure of the Nature Plant and waste oil treatment stopped, air quality in the area has greatly improved and has been recognised as such by the many official agencies connected to environment and port matters.

    The ESG can further verify the huge drop in reports received from residents of severe fumes in the area since the tank explosion and hopes the Gibraltar Government will take heed of this.
    The group is very concerned that Gibraltar may end up once again being a cesspit for toxic waste from other countries for processing locally. We do not have the land to accomodate such dirty industry without impacting on residential areas and we urge Government to pursue a policy of collection of shipping waste but not of processing