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    We need your plastic!!

    ESG will be holding a number of workshops throughout the summer (18th July, 1st, 14th and 29th August) at the Plater Youth Club premises, first floor, as from 7.30pm. Aim will be to prepare displays and props for the Clean up the World awareness raising campaign. We shall be using plastic waste reflecting on the growing threat to the living environment from this material which has literally taken over our lives.

    The impact this waste has even on wildlife thousands of miles away, in otherwise pristine environments, is a real and current tragedy and action must be taken by the West to reduce and manage this waste more efficiently.

    There are exhibitions planned on this issue during the CUTW period in September where the hard work during the summer will be on display as well as projects from schools.
    The Youth Centre will be holding its annual Eco workshop during the summer, from the 20th to the 24th August, in conjunction with the Summer Sports Programme and is keen to support the CUTW Campaign this year and would be grateful for your plastic.

    The public is therefore invited to please deliver your plastic waste to the Youth Centre at Line wall Road where it can put to good use.
    **Please note you can deliver Monday to Friday between 9am to 2pm**

    Every effort will be made to take plastic artwork to dedicated recycling centres after the campaign.
    Thank You.