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  • ESG Radio Broadcast 260712

    ESG Radio Newsletter 260712

    Hello, in today’s broadcast we look at a number of issues which have arisen recently that you will hopefully find of interest.

    • To begin with and since we have formed part of Gibraltar’s Development and Planning Commission, a growing matter concerns applications for mobile phone mast installations. Over the years, the ESG has been approached by concerned members of the public regarding the siting of such equipment and it’s clear that in recent times, and reflecting current demand for services, this type of activity is on the rise. It may interest you to know that for the past four months the ESG has had numerous meetings with Govt and related agencies regarding the need for a review of the current criteria applied to such installations. The ESG hopes that a new policy will be formed without further delay.

    • A word on our website which has experienced problems recently- this has thankfully now been sorted out with a backlog of postings going up as we speak – that’s at: esg-gib.net

    • A few weeks ago the ESG was invited to attend a demonstration by Steelmac at Coaling Island on its Oil Spill Response capability. The professionalism and equipment on display was most impressive – however when one imagined the brightly coloured equipment in action on a major oil spill, it also took on a more depressing mantle. Clearly prevention is better than response, but still, important to know that as well as being a major bunkering provider, Gibraltar is building up its preparedness and response. There was an interesting mix of govt officials with the business world showcasing their services and equipment. Let’s hope the outcome is that we continue to invest in essential equipment to safeguard our marine environment.

    • On a different note we issue a reminder of the protest planned on the 4th August at Valdevaqueras –what we call the gorgeous Tarifa stretch of coastline – this will take place near the sand dunes as from 11.00am and is essentially for the protection of the pristine area and natural environment. If you enjoy this part of the world- then try and support the protest!

    • We have received a few calls recently from Gibraltar residents reporting excessive air pollution and we have acted on these as well as advised callers to notify the new Govt hotline announced recently which carries the double role of compiling a pollution picture in Gibraltar. Therefore as well as contacting us, please make a note of the following: daytime: 200-70620 and after hours mobile 58297000. Also write in yr complaint to: info@environment@gibraltar.gov.gi if you have access to a computer.

    • Finally a reminder that we want your waste plastic, especially plastic bags and bottles and bottle caps…The Youth Service has kindly offered to receive these for us and we confirm this is possible so please, call 200-75020 and check someone is there first, this from Monday to Friday between 9am and 2pm.

    Thanks for listening –

    Extra……Next CUTW workshop on the 1st August at 7pm, Plater Youth Club 1st floor