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  • “ESG on East side Bunkering Go Ahead”

    ESG stresses EIA MUST be published- 

    The ESG has now seen not one but two reports in Europa Sur (see below) confirming that bunkering on the east side of the Rock will commence this summer. This from the mouth of the Captain of the Port himself, Peter Hall. According to the article Mr Hall is saying the findings of the Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) have not yet been published but understands that it will permit daytime bunkering conditional to good weather etc. It is absolutely scandalous that we get to hear such news via the Spanish media. The ESG, along with various others in the community were last year consulted by the visiting scientists carrying out the EIA. It is quite unacceptable that after such consultation the green light is announced in the Spanish press sweeping aside all concerns and serious misgivings held by the consulted parties.

    The ESG has already contacted the Port to establish authenticity of the media reports but has so far not been able to get further clarity on the matter.

    The ESG calls upon the Gibraltar Government to explain itself to the community over an issue which will cause many waves. The concerns placed before Government and the EIA specialists are too numerous to go into here but suffice to say that the community will not allow this expansion to be passed through in this underhand manner. It makes an absolute mockery of the public consultation exercise authorised by the Port last autumn. Where is the EIA Report?

    Europa Sur Reports: