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    Please see below developments in Brussels thanks to MEP Graham Watson pursuing an urgent resolution to the sewage pollution at Western Beach. What follows is a statement Mr Watson’s office has issued to GBC today:-

    Watson wants long-term solution to sewage problem- 03 May 2011


    Gibraltar’s Liberal MEP Graham Watson has asked the European Commission to ensure that the building works being undertaken by authorities in La Linea provide a long-term solution to the problem of sewage on Western Beach.

    The call comes after the La Linea authorities confirmed to a Spanish environmental group that works are now underway to alleviate the problem. The Environment Agency of Gibraltar indicates that pollution levels also appear to be improving.

    However, campaigners in Gibraltar are concerned that improvements could be short-lived and that more substantial works may be needed.

    Watson commented;

    “I welcome the promising news from La Linea and the Environment Agency. However, with the holiday season now upon us, it is more important than ever that we reach a long-term solution to this very serious problem.”


    In a letter sent to Watson last week, a Commission official explained that the complaint he raised on behalf of local environmental campaigners deserved ‘further clarification from the competent Spanish authorities’ and will be investigated under the EU Pilot Scheme.

    Watson responded by passing on the concerns of Gibraltar’s Environmental Safety Group and asking the Commission to make the ‘swift and long-term resolution’ of the sewage problem a priority in these investigations.

    Watson continued;


    “I am committed to working with the European Commission and campaign groups to ensure the authorities in La Linea make the lasting changes that are needed to protect Western Beach and the wider environment for good. I have suggested to the Commission that this may even involve the construction of an outlet that flows several hundred metres from the shore.”

    The Commission will inform Watson directly of any findings.


    Editors Notes

    The EU Pilot project

    The EU Pilot project has been operating since April 2008 with the aim of providing quicker and fuller answers to questions, and solutions to problems arising in the application of EU laws, requiring confirmation of the factual or legal position in a Member State.

    Under EU Pilot an enquiry or complaint will be examined by the responsible service in the Commission and forwarded to the Member State authority concerned with any questions or indications identified by the Commission service.

    A general 10 week deadline has been set for responses to be provided.