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  • Switch Off Saturdat 8.30 – 09.30

    The ESG wishes to remind everyone that this coming Saturday 27th March is Earth Hour 2010, a global campaign supported by 121 countries and many many thousands of cities this year. Basically everyone is urged to support this global act of consciousness by switching off your lights between 8.30 to 9.30pm.

    Over 1/2 million individuals and organisations are already registered on the dedicated website: just Google Earth Hour 2010. The ESG has already signed up to this and our local Scouting organisation is once again promoting this campaign among its members.

    Each year the switch off campaign serves as a strong reminder of our personal role in what are after all huge environmental issues linked to climate change. By many of us taking a small step together it can help create bigger waves and impacts and the ESG urges all those who are able to, to switch off this Saturday!!