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  • Sewage once again in our waters at Western

    11th November 2011

    The ESG has been in contact with the Ministry for the Environment on numerous occasions recently calling for a public statement to be made on the return of high levels of sewage at Western Beach. Yet nothing is heard from our authorities on the matter. Members of our community who use our waters year round are already too familiar with the offensive smells and presence of sewage especially near Western Beach when out canoeing etc. We have seen round the Rock charity swims too and clearly this type of activity will continue throughout the winter months. Residents near Western Beach are also seriously affected by the over-powering stench of sewage discharged via the La Linea storm drains whenever it rains.

    This is not a case of people eventually forgetting about this or accepting this new pollution problem as “normal”. It is a public health issue and requires that the Environmental Agency makes every effort to inform the community in order that people can make an informed choice. The ESG would also like to know what pressure the GoG is placing on its Spanish counterpart to find a resolution to this cross border, public health problem.

    Looking at the Environmental Agency website one can see sporadic data, not usually taken after the rains when contamination levels would be at their worst, and yet already exhibiting a familiar spiking pattern of illegal levels of sewage, and this, frankly, cannot go by in silence.

    Perhaps protests and petitions are once again required and the ESG and Beach Users, who have jointly campaigned on this issue to date, will be holding discussions soon to plan further action.

    Go to : http://www.environmental-agency.gi/beachresult.php?beachid=6
    for sewage data posted on the Environmental Agency website.