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    ESG Press Release Friday 1st October 2010


    It has been brought to the ESG’s attention that sewage contamination at Western Beach has once again risen to alarming levels -(See below Env Agency Website Sample Results) – Members of the public were commenting to the ESG that the current situation was far worse this week than anything experienced during the summer – they could even smell faeces on their skin on exiting the water!
    This shocking experience is backed up by levels of Coliforms and E.Coli present in the water at far higher levels than ever recorded before – 54,000 and 10,000 parts per 100ml respectively on the 27th September and lesser so on the following days- The group wishes to state that:
    1. While the Environment Agency’s website advises mandatory and guideline levels for these contaminants its clear that the levels of faecal matter at Western Beach have this week risen to levels which are potentially very harmful to humans
    2. Given the situation and the fact that people swim well past the “bathing season”, it is absolutely incumbent upon our authorities to urgently close off Western Beach to swimming and any other recreational activity
    3. We suspect the source to be a new outflow on the Spanish side of the border although other possible sources have been mentioned. Regardless of the source it is also for Govt to advise of its plan on how it intends to tackle the sewage contamination and act on it.
    4. ESG urges the community to stop using Western Beach until the source of the sewage pollution is identified and eliminated.

    Thank you
    ESG Committee