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    Over the weekend a protest was held by several hundred citizens angered by the prospect of hotels going up in an area known as “Valdevaqueros”. People will know this area as the large sand dunes at the northern end of the Tarifa beach. This strip of coastline is much admired and valued by many, including Gibraltarians. However, and possibly because of the high temperatures and time of year, the protest did not see the level of support it deserves.

    Representatives of the ESG supported the protest organised by Ecologistas en Accion and other social and civic groups. The message given out by numerous speakers was that destroying pristine environments like the Tarifa coastline, itself an area of high recreational and ecological value, with the false promise of jobs – was nothing but deceit and lies; merely profit making for one or two and that this must be stopped at all costs.

    The ESG understands that further actions are being planned and calls upon all those in Gibraltar who have enjoyed this magnificent area and wants to ensure its survival, intact, for future generations, to lend support.

    This beautiful part of Spain is a gleaming example of what the entire southern coastline of Andalucía used to look like – Join the fight! Help stop this from happening.