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    Rosia Bay Development

     Key Words:- Roads, Parking, Storm Drains and Sewage, Clean up the World

    The ESG broadly welcomes the project presented by private developers for Rosia Bay.  It has some concerns, which were raised by its representative, J Howitt, during this weeks’ DPC consideration, but these were not reported in the wider press. The group believes these issues are a matter of public interest.


    The ESG raised the question of the already overcrowded parking in the vicinity immediately surrounding the entrance to Rosia Bay and that this needs to be given serious consideration. Also clarification was sought by the ESG on the actual entry point; it was learnt that no further parking provision is planned for now and that public access will be exclusively on foot via a new bridge almost at road level. The steep ramp used by the majority of current users will in future only be used by staff that will have parking provided at Rosia Bay – there will be no parking for the public on site.


    Another point raised by the ESG was the irregular but real danger of storm drain overflow causing sewage entering the bay from time to time, approximately where the new restaurant will be built. The ESG urges for this to be addressed early when taking the project forward. The group expects the planned EIA to address all issues, including health and safety, and all other important environmental and heritage factors.


    There are many issues to consider when appraising the project and how it can benefit an area like Rosia Bay. We are all aware of the depressing state of neglect, vandalism, dumping, littering – on land and into the sea – that has pervaded this area for the past decade. The ESG has coordinated clean up teams of volunteers removing tons of rubbish from both land and seabed sites at Rosia Bay for the past 9 years. The group will be happy to share all information it has available with developers in the interests of protecting and safeguarding the biodiversity in the bay.


    Overall, the group welcomes the proposed, understated development at Rosia that will lift the site from the abandoned and littered area it has become. Logistical problems of access, parking and the long term commercial viability of the project will also ultimately determine its real success, but for today, it is hoped the initial issues we and others have flagged are overcome and the project moves forward smoothly.


    The ESG does not always report on DPC proceedings but its intention is to highlight issues that are of concern to the group and its members and particularly when it considers these are in the public interest.”

     (See following link for photographs of past clean ups at this site by our Clean up Volunteer teams.:-


    http://www.flickr.com/photos/48032210@N04/10184997426/in/set-72157636384411593/  )