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    Recycling Glass (G), Cans (C) and Household Batteries (B) locations

    ■ North District: Gibraltar Airport Service Area  (G),(C) / Glacis Estate ‐ Archbishop Amigo House (G), (C), (B) /

    Constitution House north (G),(C) / Bayside Rd ‐ Teachers’ Car Park entrance  (G),(C),(B) / Ocean Village (G),(C) /

    Mons Calpe Road ‐ Coach Park Entrance (G),(C),(B)

    ■ North East District

    Laguna Estate ‐ by Refuse Cubicle Ballymena House (G,C), Laguna Estate/Devil’s Tower Rd ‐ by Refuse Cubicle Ark Royal Hse  (G),(C),(B) / Cemetery Road ‐ by roundabout (G),(C)

    ■ East District

    Eastern Beach Road ‐ 2 locations (G),(C)

    Sir Herbert Miles Road ‐ bus stop by William’s Way Refuse Cubicle (G),(C),(B), Sir Herbert Miles Road ‐ Black Strap Cove lay-by (G),(C),(B).

    ■ South District

    Little Bay ‐ promenade entrance (G),(C) / Camp Bay promenade (G),(C) / Rosia Road ‐ by Rosia Battery (G),(C) /

    Rosia Road ‐ by bus stop RGP HQ New Mole House (G),(C),(B) / Cumberland Road ‐ by refuse enclosure (North) (G),(C) / Naval Hospital Road within refuse enclosure south (G),(C) / Europa Road ‐ by bus stop Garrison Gym (G),(C) / Europa Road ‐ behind bus stop ex‐Casino lift  (G),(C),(B) / Europa Road ‐ lookout at top of path leading to Heathfield House, Witham’s Road (G),(C)


    ■ South West District

    Witham’s Road ‐ between Jumper’s Building and St John’s Court  (G),(C), / Red Sands Road ‐ by Governor’s Meadow House  (G),(C) / Red Sands Road ‐ Grand Parade entrance (G),(C) / Rosia Road ‐ footpath by Saluting Battery Promenade (north) (G),(C),(B)

    ■ West

    Queensway ‐ Commonwealth Car Park (G),(C) /  Reclamation Road ‐ Leisure Centre  (G),(C)  


    ■ North West

    Edinburgh Estate ‐ 2 locations (north and south) (G),(C) / Queensway ‐ Westside School entrance  (G),(C) /      

    Varyl Begg Estate ‐ St Paul’s School entrance (G),(C) / Varyl Begg Estate car park by Royal Sovereign House (G),(C) /

    Harbour Views Estate (G),(C),(B) / Europort Avenue ‐ by entrance to rowing clubs (G),(C),(B) / Fish Market Road ‐ by refuse cubicle (G),(C),(B) / Opposite St Bernard’s Hospital entrance (G),(C),(B) / Harbour Views Road ‐ parking by Bishop Fitzgerald School (G),(C),(B) /  Devil’s Tongue/Waterport Road junction footpath (G),(C),(B)

     Within City Wall

    Grand Casemates ‐ Service Area (G),(C) / Cloister Ramp (G),(C),(B) / Line Wall Road – opposite Irish Place (G),(B)


     Please note that the above include those that will be returned to bathing locations during the summer season & to current construction sites.


    Information obtained from the Government of Gibraltar



     Environmental Safety Group  www.esg-gib.net    email: esg@gibtelecom.net  tel: (350) 200-48996 or 54960000