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  • Radio Newsletter 6th September 2018

    ESG Radio Newsletter 6th September 2018 –

    3 weeks to go for our 14th Major Clean up weekend of action. The date is the 29th September and will see a vibrant and energetic Parade up Main Street as from 11am leading to John Mackintosh Square for activity and discussion on the issues. Teams will tackle green and coastal areas and we anticipate a number of new activities to be added to our campaign this year. This is a last call for teams to register but individual volunteers are welcome to sign up to a week before, ie the 21st. Email us at esg@gibtelecom.net.


    The summer period always highlights on-going issues of dirty streets and litter in our green and coastal areas. Many of these issues exist throughout the year. The ESG also works year round as part of the Litter Committee and separately on CUTW issues to bring about targeted resourcing, better facilities and preventative actions. This encourages action to follow the Clean up event and strengthens our resolve that changes are achievable and of the value of the campaign.


    We cannot forget that Gibraltar was absolutely filthy back in 2005 when we first started our Clean ups removing age old dumps from all over Gibraltar, eliminating very public condoned tipping sites and an abject lack of facilities. Each year more and more is done. Still, problems persist and highlight the need for much more to be done.


    We welcome the start of the new cleaning contract, which has been some time in coming and should improve the overall situation a little more once again. Prevention and Civic pride also needs to grow. We wish Britannia Services well and also thank Master Services Directors and their crew with whom we have worked very closely since 2005 and who have always supported our campaign as best they can.


    Thanks to the steering team, volunteers, sponsors and supporters for helping us put together this ambitious campaign once again.


    Moving on to planning matters. The ESG will now enter a series of discussions of its own on planning as issues continue to headline be it for the tallest building or threat to heritage. So much work and thought goes on behind the scenes and little is seen in the monthly mtgs at DPC where decisions are taken on specific projects. We believe greater awareness of major projects is needed so the public do not simply react to decisions. The rationale behind the pace of development, which will some day include the complete development of the Eastside “mountain” placing the present development projects promised, or threatened, in their true context. Indeed the tallest building in Gibraltar on DTR was checking itself against an existing and future Government project. Hence our call for holistic planning. We believe it is time for transparency in the vision for Gibraltar going forward and taking the people of Gibraltar with this vision in full knowledge and not lurching disappointedly or angrily every time another major building is approved. They call it progress. Watch this space for more on this from the ESG.


    Team leaders are reminded to please attend the main Clean up planning meeting for a full briefing on Tuesday 11th September at 6.30pm. This will be held at our premises in Wellington Front, Vault No, 12.


    With National Day looming a reminder that true civic pride is also about how we treat our environment and our home.       Thanks for listening!!