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  • Radio Newsletter Thurs 1st December

    ESG Radio Newsletter 1st December 2011

    Hello- sitting here in the beautiful Alameda Gardens I can honestly say that the ESG is extremely pleased to see the pledges made by all political parties to green up Gibraltar. This plays a major influence on our quality of life and on the quality of our air. The extra shade that more trees and plants will provide during the long hot summer months will undoubtedly bring great relief to all.
    Moving on from there we are also aware and pleased to see that our year round lobbying efforts and detailed Wish List, which has been discussed at length with all political parties, is also resulting in many of our core aims and issues appearing in all manifestos.
    Signs of progress we earnestly hope!

    This week we have seen reason to publish a number of press statements on various issues and includes the unanimous pledge by all parties to ban bunkering on the eastern side of Gibraltar. The Coalition against such practices is delighted with this result and strongly believes Gibraltar’s environment will benefit from the decision.

    We have also jointly commented, (alongside Western Beach users) on the worsening state of Western Beach waters, particularly as many of our civic minded citizens have launched their charity swims or dives from this beach very recently. We have urged Government to close down this beach during what will undoubtedly be a return of dangerously high levels of sewage in the area. This issue needs to be resolved!

    We have also commented publicly on the Nature Tank Fire reports and our full press release on this can be found on our website. We urge the public concerned about these issues to please visit our site: esg-gib.net for further information.

    Ending on a positive note, the ESG has been very busy these past few weeks with talks to numerous associations and clubs, a cleanup with the Heritage Trust, GreenChange and concerned citizens at Witham’s Cemetery, and also focusing on a greener Xmas with special talks delivered by one of our younger active members Chelsea Edwards.

    We hope you also caught our first ever Clean Up Film screened by GBC last week. Don’t worry if you didn’t as they have promised to show it again soon. We are also preparing the film footage to be able to post this on our website.

    That’s all for now. Thank you for listening