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    ESG Radio Newsletter 9th May 2013

    Lots to talk about today –have your pen and paper handy as we shall be giving you links and information you may be interested in following up. If you miss this however, just visit our website where this newsletter will be posted in full. That’s at esg-gib.net.

    On Energy matters – We are absolutely delighted to finally see the tender announcement yesterday by Government for the new replacement Power Generating Station for Gibraltar. With the completion of tender submissions in by the 1st August, we hope the successful bidder is appointed soon after. With various preparatory measures and EIA before starting works, it suggests that the new plant could be up and running by mid 2015. Apart from the essential removal of air and noise pollution from our environment, and from worst affected neighbourhoods, Gibraltar will, practically overnight, finally comply with EU Directives on pollution, given the power stations have been the worst offender. Great news Gibraltar!!

    On another current issue we now go to the Floatel – The ESG is as dismayed as many in the community over the manner in which the floating hotel project is being presented. Our views were expressed at the last DPC meeting. Recent media quotes from vessel owners had announced that the Floatel would be subject to the local planning process. This was reassuring as it showed a willingness to work with the community it was planning to become a part of. Given the size of the vessel, and the reclamation for a car park, it was unsettling to hear at the DPC meeting, that this project had become Government sponsored over night; meaning that while we could hear about the plans, the DPC could not influence its trajectory to a seemingly inevitable conclusion. Govt projects currently go to DPC for comment, but not for permission.

    This is why we are making internal and public representations to try and influence this outcome as we believe this project needs to be fully assessed: over conflict of land use- impact on quality of life and the natural environment – and to consider the potential long term implications of use of the new car park area should the vessel leave Gibraltar after a short stay. The planned dredging within a leisure and residential area of a significant amount of contaminated material, along with the impact from car movements, fumes and noise, on pedestrians and residents, has to be properly quantified. Reports have reached us that crabs are being plucked form the seabed and boats are being removed from their moorings at the site. We therefore call for a full EIA to be done and for this project to go through the DPC and be judged on its true merits and true impacts. Visit www.esg-gib.net for updates on this matter.

    Moving on to our Earth Day Stall and launch of an awareness campaign on Mobile Phone Masts. This event attracted much interest and discussion and we are pleased to announce that our dedicated Facebook page on this issue will be active over the weekend – and can be found by going to
    mobile phone masts concern Gibraltar.
    You will see information about the aims of the campaign posted here and it is our intention that the page will be updated frequently. The idea is for members of the public to access information as well as send in questions and comments and our technical advisers will do their best to respond.

    Ok, update on Clean up the World –we are very pleased to announce plans for a summer campaign working with local services and schools – also 2013 date is confirmed as the 21st September. Listeners may also like to know that the UK television company, ITV, here last year filming for a number of programmes on Gibraltar have just informed us that last years Clean up Day will feature on Channel 5 on the 11th June at 8pm UK time.

    We are very proud that the world will see how our community pulls together in this inspiring environmental campaign every year to clean up our natural environment and demonstrate civic pride via this Gibraltar wide hands on campaign.

    Thank you for listening –plse contact us at esg@gibtelecom.net tel: 200-48996 and 54960000