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  • Radio Newsletter 1st June 2018

    ESG Radio Newsletter May 30th 2018

    Keywords:    World Environment Day 2018    Grand Parade Car Park    Clean up 2018

    We start today’s newsletter by highlighting World Environment Day event next week supported by a number of NGOs, schools and more. Event is organised by the Dept of Environment and promises to showcase the extensive efforts now being carried out at citizen level on environmental causes and targets – which is also growing year by year. The ESG will use this opportunity to promote its aims and objectives it works on year round for a better environment as well as its direct efforts through the Clean up the World Campaign to reduce plastic waste which is also the theme for World Environment Day this year. The date for this event is the 5th June – and is being held at the Commonwealth Park from 9am to 3.30pm.


    An important issue for us is use of space and the protection of open and green areas and liveability. We were therefore very pleased to hear the exchanges at Parliament last week confirming that fresh investigation is now underway to establish the viability of an underground Grand Parade Car Park. The ESG, together with the Gibraltar Heritage Trust and GONHS met end of last year with the Chief Minister to directly present joint concerns about the loss of this valued open space. The groups believe preserving the space and parking underground is important for both current and future generations. It would also provide an opportunity to landscape the area for the benefit of locals and the many thousands of tourists that will access the Upper Rock via the Cable Car and visit the Botanic Gardens.


    Clean up 2018 planning is on-going and we are very pleased with the progress being made. Volunteers have started to register and we remind you that you can do this by emailing us at esg@gibtelecom.net. The Gibraltar wide clean up has taken place each year since 2005 and there have been many great gains achieved in addressing litter and waste issues – there is more work to do and we thank all volunteers and supporters for helping us maintain the valuable Gibraltar wide focus that the Clean up Campaign provides.


    Date for this year is Saturday the 29th of September, and will be launched by an exciting Parade with just a few surprises all aimed at raising awareness about how we need to work a lot harder to clean and protect our living environment! Hope you can join us once again this year. Details of workshops for August will be published soon.


    For more information on our on-going issues please visit our website at: esg-gib.net.


    Thanks for listening!