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  • Radio Newsletter 25th October 2018

    Keywords:  Clean up the World / Rock Explorer and CUTW /  LNG Bunkering /  Air Pollution / &   DPC

    It’s been some time since our last broadcast however we have been in the news as it has been an exceptionally busy period with our Clean up the World Campaign!

    Gibraltar really turned out in their hundreds to demonstrate its abhorrence about littering and showing true civic pride …not easy when you think about the hard and often disgusting nature of the work involved in picking up rubbish carelessly discarded.

    And yet, and yet, team feedback was very positive about the experience described as “the best day ever” by some youngsters, and “good to know you are giving something back”, by another volunteer. Another positive aspect of the clean up is that most teams will be clearing waste from remote, quiet and often beautiful areas of Gibraltar- areas that are transformed with clear benefits to the environment. Of course, we want to reduce littering and also see these areas cleaned more frequently, better containment and provision for rubbish, etc. and this is where our focus now lies. The concerns about food chain and plastics has now moved on again with scientists reporting micro plastics found in the human gut in several people tested! What a frightening thought….

    So when we read that the EU has just voted overwhelmingly to ban single use plastics by 2021–we celebrate because we know these issues must be tackled at source. You can find a link to the full report on our website and facebook page later today.

    So we would like to thank all volunteers, sponsors and supporters for doing a most important job once again in supporting the clean up campaign. Check our the latest Rock Explorer on GBC for a snippet of our Clean up day of action.

    Those of you following the LNG issue will have seen some exchanges in the media between the ESG and Government over recent public developments regarding LNG bunkering. We were concerned to read and hear initial statements in the local and World Bunkering press, and were therefore reassured when Government broadly clarified their intentions on LNG bunkering. We will, however, continue to follow up on this issue as it is a matter of particular interest to the group.

    Another matter we follow is on noise and air pollution – issues very close to our heart – and we have seen reports in the press about fines issued this week to GibDock and to a truck for dust offences caused.

    The ESG is issuing a separate statement on this later today.

    DPC is round the corner once again with a number of significant developments on the agenda. Do check this out as it is published online at Town Planning Site clicking on DPC. The date for the mtg is the 30th October at 9.30am at the Charles Hunt Room John Mack Hall.

    Thanks for listening.