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    ESG Radio Newsletter Thursday 15th December 2011

    Hello, it’s good to be back with you after a very interesting and busy gap. We have seen a lot of
    activity in our community recently with the culmination of the hustings and a change of
    Government after-a very tightly fought election.

    During the campaign it was refreshing to hear people from all sides stepping forward and raising
    issues which matter deeply to the community, in an intelligent and informed manner. However, it
    has highlighted the glaring absence of such debate in between elections – these important issues
    have traditionally then fallen to NGO’s and Associations to prioritise and make public. Let’s hope
    however, that all those candidates who so passionately shared their aspirations and ideas with us –
    the public- will continue to do so for the betterment of our community. Maybe we need a Question
    Time Programme in Gibraltar where different issues are focused on every week or fortnight with an
    invited audience and informed panel?? !

    Or maybe this is what will happen in Parliament if we are to have the numerous sittings
    promised, and televised at that. What is clear is that the community should not be fed an obscene
    amount of information during a 7 day period before making such important decisions as electing a
    government into office for the next four years.

    The ESG submitted a detailed Wish List to all parties and this is our working document which we
    shall now take up with renewed energy with the new Minister for the Environment. With meetings
    starting soon, we hope to continue working hard to realise as many of our aims and objectives as
    possible. Look out for updates on our website esg-gib.net.

    Obviously Government has much to do on the environment. Sewage pollution is a serious matter
    and we now have three no-go areas in Gibraltar due to this problem -Western Beach, Mid Harbour
    area and of course, Europa Point.. With today’s data on the Env Agency Website showing Western
    Beach to be carrying dangerous levels of pollution once again, we strongly urge everyone to avoid
    entering the waters in that area for either for bathing or for water sport purposes. We shall also be
    pressing for Govt to close this beach. Mid Harbour area with the influx of residents into new
    estates, is suffering from dreadful levels of sewage pollution, this time from infrastructural
    problems of our own at Line Wall Road. It demands that urgent action is taken and we were pleased
    to hear this week that this problem should be repaired within two weeks. If only we could do the
    same for Western Beach,

      but that is another story

    For those of you interested and concerned about maritime safety it was very positive to note that the
    Maritime Agency is giving serious consideration to making piloting compulsory for vessels leaving
    as well as ·entering Gibraltar waters. This has been one of our aims for some years and so we
    welcome hearing that this will soon become a reality and increase maritime safety in our waters.
    The ESG will also be making representations to Govt over complaints we have received from local
    staff working at the border over the extreme levels of air pollution caused by slow or gridlocked
    traffic due to border controls and how this is affecting people’s wellbeing. A very serious matter to
    those affected and needs urgent attention. Perhaps some controls and notices to all drivers to switch
    off engines when not moving could help as well as other measures to be explored.

    Of course we couldn’t finish today without mentioning Christmas. This will be our last newsletter
    until 2012 and so I would like to convey warm wishes to one and all on behalf of the ESG, thank
    our members, sponsors and supporters for the work we have been able to achieve this past year and
    for stepping forward to support various yampaigns and actions. Let’s keep working together for a
    cleaner and healthier environment.