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  • Radio Newsletter 15.09.22

    Today’s newsletter focuses on our participation in, and Gibraltar’s support of, the global environmental campaign Clean up the World. Together with 100s of countries and millions of volunteers around the world, Saturday 17th will see extraordinary efforts made by citizens of all ages and backgrounds, as they take action to help their local environment.. This demonstration of civic pride has proved to energise these issues locally in the past, as well as deliver immediate positive results. In this, our 19th year, we value the response from our community in support of this campaign. It is clear that many people do care about their environment though some clearly don’t appear to. We expect around 500 volunteers to target sites throughout Gibraltar, tackling out -of -the way green areas, coastal and some urban sites.

    Of course many of the issues faced by the campaign are chronic and not solvable in a day of action. But highlighting these issues in a manner that also demonstrates civic pride is a golden opportunity that the ESG has backed for the past 19 years.  Unfortunately, this year, we shall see the absence of many of the services and departments which usually support us, due to the ongoing and worrying situation regarding OS 35, the stricken vessel grounded off Catalan Bay.

    This maritime accident threatened to derail our clean up altogether, with concerns of oil pollution becoming a real threat once more, and it has in fact stopped the dive clean- up for the time being. We aim to reschedule this for a few weeks’ time when the situation with the vessel has hopefully stabilised once again. A separate team under the ESG will be on standby in case they are needed to help with any future oil clean ups.

     Last week a busy Team leader meeting was held where planning and discussion of sites and issues took place. We also welcomed new teams and partners. Several schools and other educational establishments, as well as clubs and a few businesses, make up the main teams involved, so much awareness will be raised. Determined to make a difference to many sites around Gibraltar, we hope the community will acknowledge and support the volunteers in their work.

    Reports on the Clean up always follow, and continue throughout the year. There are always ongoing challenges and issues relating to litter and dumping in our small, but beautiful town and we will make several recommendations to the authorities on the back of the focus of this year’s clean up.

    We couldn’t do this without the great support from the community and we thank all volunteers and sponsors including:  Turicum Private Bank, GBC Open Day Trust, Bassadone Automotive Group and 888.com for their donations, and the Department of the Environment for the assistance given.

    Details of the 2022 Clean up will follow in the media and on our website esg-gib.net after the weekend.                                                                                                                      

    Thanks for listening.