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  • RADIO Broadcast 5th August 2010

    ESG Membership:

    1) We start this weeks broadcast somewhat differently today- the ESG is about to carry out an extensive mail shot to reach out to past and current members to encourage membership renewal. A copy of our most recent news review will be included providing current information on many of Gibraltar’s environmental topics. Topics which the ESG focuses on and campaigns to bring about positive change.

    If you hear this broadcast but are unlikely to receive a mail shot perhaps because you have never been a member, or have moved and not notified us, please email us on esg@gibtelecom.net, or call us on 200-48996 or 54960000 and we shall provide you with the necessary details on how to join up. Being an ESG member means you can also passively receive information on an ongoing basis on matters which affect us all, in terms of air and noise pollution, traffic, bay issues, development, greening up, etc., but also you can receive firsthand notification of any hands on projects or actions which you and your family may wish to get involved in so please- get in touch!!

    For this weeks news update there is rather a lot to cover so here goes!:

    Chamber of Commerce

    2) Firstly, we must refer to the news of the Chamber of Commerce call for energy from Spain. In itself not a bad idea at all, but in practice, difficult to achieve. Furthermore the Chamber does not distinguish where the energy comes from or how it is generated giving the impression that it is simply a cost benefit exercise they are talking about. Here again we reject this call believing that Gibraltar’s relative affluence should direct us to tap into Green European Energy.

    In our greening up agenda submitted to political parties at election time, we have always raised this possibility as the ideal environmental solution recognising, however, that the political climate has yet to offer the stability required for Gibraltar to take that step.

    So, we are left with the reality of three noisy, aging, and heavily polluting stations which are severely degrading the environment and causing unknown health impacts and a daily nuisance to those closest to them. These illegal units must be shut down without further delay. Govt has not fulfilled its manifesto promise to construct a replacement station- they state they are doing so but so far, not one brick has been laid. They need to start building the new power station now and it needs to be up and running with no more delay. This, even while completed, is only part of the story- the other being renewable energy and how Gibraltar could eventually be powered using green technology such as current turbines, solar roofing, thermal and many others. But for this you need leadership and a focus which is not yet present in our Govt.

    We shall continue to lobby Govt to help bring about such change.

    You can obtain lots more information on the ESG’s views on this issue from our website on www.esg-gib.net.

    3) A positive development announced this week was of the Gibraltar Dockyard, known as GibDock, applying best available technology while preparing three vessels for cleaning and coating during the month of July. . Using a technology called Envirobots, GibDock CEO, Mr Corvelli claimed this improved technique had significantly reduced the amount of waste, grit and dust produced during the works and the timescale shortened. Termed as commercially and environmentally sound, the ESG applauds this welcome step of using best available technology while carrying out such heavy industrial activity close to residential areas, and while there is a clear risk that jobs may be lost due to increased automation, it nevertheless marks an important step for public health and the living environment.

    4) Finally a reminder of the 1st Planning Meeting for CUTW on 20th August at 8pm, at the ESG offices on City Mill Lane. Plans for the Clean Up are going well and we encourage anyone interested in helping out to contact us.

    You can reach us on 200-48996 or 54960000

    Thanks for listening.