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  • Radio Broadcast 02.08.22

    ESG Radio Broadcast wk beginning 1st August 2022

    Hello, what a time it has been for those dealing with the terrible fire which affected our water production and consequent total loss of potable water for a sizeable minority. For those with no water for 4 days it really rammed home how quickly life can change without this vital resource. Luckily many more people are now back with water today and hopefully those remaining will have their supply finally restored.

    So we hope we can turn our minds to other matters, but, before we do that, we would also like to thank all the frontline services, AquaGib, Government officials, the media and our major supermarkets for going the extra mile in helping the community cope with this very worrying situation.

    Serious questions remain over the cause of the fire and how this happened with potentially devastating consequences only brought back by the sheer effort and risks taken by our frontline workers. The large-scale storage of flammable materials and their management should also be carefully reviewed including security for all access to our tunnel systems. We hope that all recommendations put forward by the frontline emergency services, whose lives are most risk from industrial accidents, will be taken on-board.

    Clearly a spike in plastic bottle use has also resulted and we urge the public to make use of the yellow recycling bins to dispose of unwanted plastic bottles and containers.

    The issue of waste and litter leads us to the launch of this years Clean up the World. The date is the 17th September in support of the worldwide weekend of community action.  This will be Gibraltar’s 19th nationwide clean up organised by the ESG and is already gathering momentum. Please send in your interest to participate to:-  esg@gibtelecom.net. You can register a team or sign up as an individual and more details will be sent to you.

    In our next broadcast we will be covering Climate Change and regular ESG features coming up in local media, Air pollution and the need for wider monitoring of industrial zones and how idling our engines will soon be an illegal offence in Gibraltar due to a new law announced in parliament recently.

    Thanks for listening – please visit esg-gib.net for more information on issues covered by the ESG.