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  • Radio Broadcast 16.02.23

    ESG Radio Newsletter 16th February

    Topics:  Upcoming DPC meetings: Rooke, Mount, Devil’s Tower 29 storey, Active Travel Strategy and more….

    Hello- Once again development projects dominate the environmental agenda with DPC meeting next Thursday 23rd at 9.30am and we can expect a busy session. We advise you to log on to the YouTube link posted on the Town Planning website under DPC, agendas for details, as you will only be able to follow proceedings live. There are no recordings available, nor physical meetings taking place, something we continue to regret and call for.

    So if any of the following issues interest you be sure to look at plans available online beforehand and join the session being streamed that morning. A very large proposal for Devil’s Tower Road, in fact 1 of 2, is being tabled after having been deferred previously due to height and massing. Government’s Active Travel Strategy is also on the agenda for general discussion as well as one area being signalled separately with more detail supplied.  The ESG has broadly welcomed this while calling for a number of measures such as timeframes and budget, parallel action to reduce vehicle numbers, expansion of a clean emission public transport service removing out-dated and polluting buses from our roads, and, promoting the use of park and ride.

    The Mount comes up with details and designs on a number of new public amenities.  Arengo’s, Governor’s Parade, Chilton Court and Eastern Beach Car Park are also on the agenda. Be sure to tune in!! That’s the 23rd February at 9.30am.

    The need for a fresh and holistic development plan for Gibraltar is desperately needed in our view.

    With a much welcomed resumption of Litter Committee meetings the ESG is pleased to report that the Clean up Campaign has seen significant movement on the part of agencies and cleaning contractor to tackle a few ongoing and challenging hotspots. However, works continue and preventative measures and enforcement must also play their part. The dumping, especially of rubble and bulky items continues to take place in open spaces highlighting the urgent need for a fit for purpose waste handling facility.  The ESG continues to monitor such problem sites and supports spot clean ups by volunteers with equipment and advice throughout the year.

    2023 is already a busy year for many, not least for us and we continue to work on many other fronts lobbying for best practice and precautionary principle to be core to decision making in all areas.

    Please email us with any queries or concerns at esg@gibtelecom.net

    Also visit our website at: www.esg-gib.net for more information.