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  • Nuclear Monitor Changes? 170117

    ESG Press Release

    Re Nuclear Monitor

    17th January 2017


    The ESG adds its concerns to those expressed regarding the downgrading of the official position of nuclear monitor within the MoD paid ranks.

    Nuclear Submarine Activity and visits to Gibraltar demands that constant monitoring and vigilance of this practice is maintained locally.

    However the groups concerns lie in also asking for clarification of what precisely the nuclear monitors do? Are they regularly checking for leaks, nuclear contamination of the environment, or is it just a unit that would be used in case of an emergency to monitor radiation levels in people or workers? If the latter should this not be carried out by medical personnel? Is the nuclear monitor on standby only when a submarine is in port?

    To what degree are these assessments done if they can also be done on a voluntary basis?

    This issue is clearly one of public health interest and it is hoped that Government will take this up urgently and call for highest standards to be adopted in protecting our welfare and the environment from this military activity.

    It is quite unfathomable and unacceptable that in the same week that the Spanish Government confirms its practice of monitoring radiation backgrounds during submarine visits to Gibraltar that the local population is indirectly informed that we are now to expect such local official monitoring to come from Spain, or from a voluntary secondment? The group adds that should the third option of flying in visiting units be used, any delays in responding to a serious radiation problem could prove fatal.

    We would like to see top, professional monitoring in place by qualified and experienced staff to support and assess all nuclear activity and respond to any problems as these arise. Anything less would be unacceptable.

    The ESG will be taking this issue up with both Government and the MoD forthwith.