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  • No to Eastside Bunkering – GONHS


    The Gibraltar Ornithological & Natural History Society (GONHS) is concerned about the potential effect of bunkering on the eastside.
    It is important that no such activity take place before the completion and appropriate consideration of the Environmental Impact Assessment, and of an Appropriate Assessment under the provisions of the Habitats Directive.

    The latter is required in view of the area’s status as a Special Area of
    Conservation. The assessments should take into consideration all the relevant potential impacts on the environment, which will include the effects of discharges of fuel or fumes, and the effects of anchoring of the vessels. The implication of the activity on the law of Gibraltar, specifically the nature Protection Act, would need to be assessed.

    Mitigation and compensation measures would also have to be considered as part of these analyses.
    27 May 2011