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  • No to Eastside Bunkering – Both Worlds Residents Statement

    22nd May 2011

    Proposed East Side Bunkering Project

    The directors of BWML resolved to “object strongly” to the proposed expansion of Bunkering to the East side of the Rock at our meeting held on the 12th. October 2010. The main thrust of the resolution was to support and participate in any disciplined joint action by responsible groups of like-minded East Side stakeholders.

    Our first and foremost concern is for the HEALTH & SAFETY of Both Worlds residents, visitors and contractors, the issues as we see them are:-

    Fumes from the Bunkering process being trapped within Sandy Bay and thereby posing a direct threat to health.

    Noise pollution accompanying the increase of large ships anchoring off the East side and the Bunkering process itself.

    Light pollution particularly on winter mornings & evenings and should Bunkering be increased to a 24 hour service as in the Bay of Gibraltar.

    The possibility of East side beaches becoming contaminated following an oil spill as containment equipment would take some time to deploy.
    Weather and Sea conditions change considerably & quickly on the East side of the Rock, sometimes with disastrous results, Bunkering activities could potentially increase the prospect of large ships coming to grief, jeopardizing both lives and the Summer recreational beaches of Gibraltar.

    Secondary concerns are those of lifestyle as we enjoy an enviable position on the East side:-

    The open sea views are in stark contrast to the “Bunkering Factory” of the Bay of Gibraltar

    The bathing season and the opportunity to enjoy the beaches and sea in a relatively unpolluted environment

    The incredible sightings of dolphins & whales making their way to & from the Straits of Gibraltar

    BWML understands and sympathizes with the Ecological issues the prospect of East side Bunkering could inflict and would like to record our support for those concerned with the Environment, Fishing & Diving on the East side of the Rock