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  • ESG welcomes departure of OS35 01.08.23- WRITTEN BEFORE NEW OIL SPILL from GAS VENUS

    August 15th, 2023

    The ESG would like to share its relief and gratitude to all those involved in the recent removal of the stricken vessel OS35 from our shoreline. Gibraltar and the nearby marine environment did not escape entirely unscathed, but it’s clear a major incident was averted by the careful handling undertaken by the Port and advisory […]


    August 15th, 2023

    The ESG confirms this years Clean up Campaign will be held alongside the global event on the 23rd September. We welcome longterm teams and new volunteers to sign up and do your bit to promote civic pride and help reverse some of the damage we inflict on our natural environment in this beautiful corner of […]

    ESG Analysis Piece on Oil Spills and related issues over the decades. (Gibraltar Chronicle 15.08.23)

    August 15th, 2023


    As Gas Venus leaves and a milestone reached re THAT oil spill yet another minor spill occurs in the Port area. 13.08.23

    August 13th, 2023

    ZERO IMPACT MEANS ZERO OIL Sunday 13th August 2023 As the first milestone in the Rosia oil clean up is reached, with round the clock efforts in place to save the coastline stepping down to a more moderate level, news has filtered through of a very minor oil spill from a bunkering barge within the […]

    ESG reacts to latest Oil Spill 01.08.23

    August 1st, 2023

    News of yet another oil spill of heavy fuel oil is just what no one wanted to hear given the recent and successful departure of the OS35 – although even this vessel may still return to the Rock due to bad weather. While details are still emerging it appears the spill came from a ship […]