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  • Clean up the World 2020 Gibraltar 18.09.20

    September 18th, 2020

    This year the ESG has had to keep all publicity and arrangements for the Clean up to a minimum following Covid and Public Health guidelines. This years poster has therefore been modified to promote awareness about litter and NOT call for volunteers. Our 18 teams (out of our usual 30 teams) were made up from […]

    ESG PR re Elderly Care Facility 09.09.20

    September 9th, 2020

    The ESG is very disappointed by the fact that the proposed project for the new elderly care home on Bishop Caruana Road has been passed by the DPC. Although the ESG recognises the need for this kind of provision for the elderly, it does not consider that the proposed building is the best solution. It […]

    ESG Radio Broadcast 03.09.20

    September 6th, 2020

    ESG Radio Broadcast 3rd September 2020 Good day to all. It’s been some time since our last broadcast. With cooler weather has come greater activity and despite Covid concerns, an air of hopefully greater optimism that together we can eventually overcome the worst of the difficulties and health threats posed by the Covid virus. On […]

    ESG PR on Tuna Fishing 18.08.20

    August 18th, 2020

    ESG Press Release re Tuna Fishing from Gibraltar The ESG has for some years been observing the developments regarding the local fishing of tuna from Gibraltar.  It supports the views held by both the GONHS and The Nautilus Project that our fundamental objective should be the conservation and protection of this species. It also supports […]


    June 24th, 2020

    Real Steps on Pollution & Climate Change 18th June 2020 Following recent news that the UK was completing 2 full months without burning coal, the ESG strongly welcomes hearing that the Los Barrios Coal Fired Power Station is expected to cease operating at the end of June 2020 due, it is believed, to a number […]