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  • ESG Welcomes New Government Pilot Traffic Scheme 05.05.2020

    May 5th, 2020

    ESG strongly welcomes Government’s announcement yesterday that it intends to take action in reducing traffic levels from 3 busy road arteries in Gibraltar thereby reducing pollution and creating calmer roads for pedestrians and cyclists also. The group hopes that the measures announced yesterday mark the start of a radical transport review that will help retain […]

    ESG Calls for Action on Traffic measures 01.05.2020

    May 5th, 2020

    0 The ESG believes Gibraltar should take the opportunity of this pause that has been imposed on us, to try and make real changes on impacts that affect our health, quality of life and Climate Change. Excessive traffic in our small town is a critical issue and it is hoped that Government has been brainstorming […]

    ESG Radio Newsletter 05.03.20

    March 12th, 2020

    The ESG visited the new Power Station this week and followed up on a number of issues of interest. These included real time monitoring, onshore power provision, the projected full commissioning date for the new Power Station, the issue of skid generators, and more. A separate statement will be released soon. Additionally the group has […]

    Radio Broadcast 13.02.2020

    February 13th, 2020

    In our second 2020 broadcast we have great expectations from a fresh government and highly environmental manifesto – that has aspiration to deliver a Child Friendly and Green City. We share this vision, of course, and want to see measures to achieve this in place as fast as possible. We are now seeking and holding […]

    ESG Radio Newsletter 30.01.20

    February 3rd, 2020

      Hi there- this our first radio broadcast for 2020! We start the year planning and strategising best way forward in a number of areas important to the ESG and to many in the community. Very recently, and on the back of 5G mast applications presented to DPC by Gibtelecom, the ESG organised a public […]