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  • Radio Broadcast 16.02.23

    February 16th, 2023

    ESG Radio Newsletter 16th February Topics:  Upcoming DPC meetings: Rooke, Mount, Devil’s Tower 29 storey, Active Travel Strategy and more…. Hello- Once again development projects dominate the environmental agenda with DPC meeting next Thursday 23rd at 9.30am and we can expect a busy session. We advise you to log on to the YouTube link posted […]

    ESG Responds to Active Travel Plan 31.01.23

    February 1st, 2023

    The ESG broadly supports the ‘Active Travel Strategy’ as a measure to encourage healthier travel like walking and cycling around our small town, as it also supports the measure to introduce signage with advice on distances to various locations, thereby encouraging both locals and visitors to leave their vehicles parked up. However, the group believes […]

    ESG 1st Radio Broadcast 120123

    January 18th, 2023

    Hello, this is our first newsletter of 2023! Today we look ahead at what will surely prove to be a highly important year with elections, the economy, peace and climate change dominating headlines around the world. In 2023 we will again push for the New Development Plan that can still have some influence surely on […]

    Indorama Fire – Cause must be determined – 01.01.23

    January 1st, 2023

    ESG Statement reFire at Petrochemical Plant – Indorama factory in San Roque “ Yet another fire at a petrochemical plant in San Roque this morning greeted in the New year. While the emergency response was swift, the ESG is most concerned about the widespread nature of the vast plumes of toxic smoke that escaped the […]

    ESG Christmas 2022 Radio Broadcast

    December 25th, 2022

    This broadcast will mark the end of 2022 and what a year it has been for many of us. Among the highs and lows comes perhaps the most important of all, looking after our nest, homeland and planet without which we would not be able to enjoy much, let alone our families, or any new […]