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  • New Cooking Oil Recycling Initiative in Gib! 120615

    This is a very good initiative by Government to provide a more widespread service for the collection of cooking oil in Gibraltar. Hope the public get behind this and use the service properly.

    At the last Litter Committee meeting we raised the need for similar information to be made available regarding the locations used for overnight mobile recycling service. It was agreed that info would be placed at the site itself as well as outside supermarkets to ensure that as many people as possible are informed. We hope to see information in place asap.

    “H.M.Government of Gibraltar’s continued commitment towards sustainable waste management, the Department of the Environment and Climate Change is pleased to announce the expansion of its kerbside recycling scheme to include waste cooking oil.
    The general public will now be able to recycle their waste cooking oil by placing it in a sealed plastic container that can then be deposited into the orange recycling bins.
    It is important that this procedure is followed to ensure that the service operates smoothly.
    There are currently 20 separate locations, listed below.

    1. Edinburgh Estate
    2. Grand Parade entrance
    3. Europort Roundabout
    4. Varyl Begg by Royal Sovereign House
    5. Mid Harbours seafront
    6. Bishop Caruana Road
    7. Catalan Bay (Sir Herbert Miles Road)
    8. Casemates Service Area
    9. Devils Tongue Waterport Road junction
    10. Saluting Battery
    11. Eastern Beach Road
    12. Waterport Terraces
    13. Constitution House
    14. Fish Market Road
    15. Queensway Car Park
    16. Willis’s Road (New Police Block)
    17. Tarik Road Car Park
    18. Cloister Ramp
    19. Rosia Road by Rosia Battery
    20. Rosia Road by RGP Headquarters

    This kerbside service will operate in addition to the current collection of used cooking oil at the Gibraltar Civic Amenities Site on Europa Advanced Road.
    In addition to the recycling points provided, the Government will also be collecting used cooking oil produced by the GHA Kitchen and canteen, Mount Alvernia and other Care Agency Kitchens.
    The public is encouraged to use the orange bins and help prevent the disposal of used cooking oil in drains and sewers, which lead to blockages resulting in bursts and overflows, and will be helping to care for our marine environment.