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  • Lloyds and LNG issues 21st June 2015

    ESG Press Release
    Lloyds and LNG issues

    The ESG has now had time to read through the LNG Report produced by Lloyds and, as has previously indicated, considers it makes for uncomfortable reading. Regardless of the final decision taken by Government with respect to the finer details, the Lloyds Report categorically states that risks and safety issues presented by LNG activity in such close proximity to people as is currently expected at the North Mole, to carry unacceptably high risks.

    The public is not naïve and understands the vested interests also at play here but the ESG believes that the necessary steps are now for Government to issue its own independently produced safety report on the prospect of using LNG as a fuel at the North Mole location.

    Regardless of potential future LNG bunkering or even LNG powered cruise shipping opportunities, the ESG thinks that considering these now is premature without first having established the absolute safety of using this fuel in such a small place as Gibraltar, and in such close proximity to residential areas.

    The long-term power generation problems in Gibraltar need to be relegated to the past and a new modern, environmentally compliant generating station built urgently. The focus must be on this badly needed facility and not on the LNG question, which is only serving to delay matters even further.

    The ESG believes that as things stand, the Lloyds Report confirms an unacceptable degree of risk that would make it impossible for the ESG to support the use of LNG in Gibraltar.

    We, along with the rest of the community, await further details from Government.