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  • Joint Statement issued by NGOs on Rosia Bay 21.11.22

    The GONHS, ESG, Gibraltar Heritage Trust and Nautilus Project welcome the Expressions of Interest notice for Rosia Bay that was issued by HMGoG last Friday 18th November.

    It is encouraging to note that the approach is now a holistic one that includes the AHQ building as well as Rosia Bay and the Rosia Mole as a public leisure facility. We take further encouragement that the invitation does not refer to residential development, which is a very firm red line for us, as would be any building of significant massing at the site – including on the platform – that obscures the historic monuments at the site.

    We must however note some concern and reservation that the notice given for submission of any Expressions of Interest is only 2 weeks, which may not be sufficient time for well thought through and feasible proposals. The Government should consider extending this period to allow more time for high quality proposals.