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  • Impending departure from EU 9th December 2020

    The ESG is concerned about major changes facing the environment as we finally go through the process of exiting Europe on the 31st December 2020. In the run up to this significant date the group has submitted feedback to Government in the hope that some of our concerns will have featured in official discussions with both UK and Spanish counterparts.

    The ESG has embraced EU institutions for a considerable number of years to ensure that significant industrial activity in the Bay is monitored and regulatory compliance enforced to protect people and the environment.

    This is especially crucial because the Bay hosts one of the largest Oil refineries in Spain which historically has operated to shocking standards and created health risks for all bay inhabitants. With the assistance of the EU, our MEPs and cross border public pressure, we have seen tangible changes and some significant improvements.

    The major reclamation Project announced to be carried out to expand the Algeciras Port area by 2030 is another serious issue. Such projects have regional impacts and demand that cross border Environmental Impact Assessments are carried out.  This assessment would investigate impacts on the marine environment as well as changes to hydrology.  We should remember the damages suffered in Gibraltar after the last significant reclamation by Algeciras Port when a major storm overwhelmed much of our coastal infrastructure.

    The ESG will be taking up this matter with its colleagues across the border.

    The group hopes, going forward, that our regional environment will see improved cross border management and protection on a technical level and will lend every assistance to help make it so, despite the obvious challenges ahead.

    Please visit website: www.esg-gib.net  List of Objectives 2019 – section 7 for Cross Border concerns