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  • GBC Viewpoint on LNG and Gibraltar – ESG joins the debate

    On this weeks Viewpoint programme, a local weekly television programme that discusses current affairs in more depth, the ESG joined the Minister and Shadow Minister for the Environment to discuss the issue of LNG ( Liquid Natural Gas) as a suitable fuel for Gibraltar.

    The programme is available online and can be found here:-




    The ESG attempted  to convey its position that:-

    • completion of a new power station is paramount –
    • a bold renewable energy programme needs to run parallel to reduce output from new power station incrementally as green energy takes hold –
    • that while there could be gains from LNG, that efficiency, by way of turbines over pistons,  energy recovery, and post combustion treatment of both diesel and gas emissions makes them both compliant
    • storage of gas is an issue – location – volume – and specifications should be published
    • supply of gas is an issue
    • concerned that bringing in LNG is further delaying the completion of this critical project
    • nurturing LNG bunkering from Gibraltar would not be supported by the group
    • reports/studies/assessments on all technical aspects of fuel choice must be released, ideally via a public meeting and presented  by experts advising Government to give full opportunity for informed debate
    • Government’s Renewable Energy Strategy should also be presented at this public meeting
    • this is too important to be a political hot potato

    these and other issues surrounding economic factors and safety were discussed at length in the programme. Check it out!

    The debate starts here!