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  • ESG Western Beach Update 190411


    The ESG has received additional information from Algeciras colleagues, AGADEN, regarding the ongoing sewage pollution at Western Beach.  


    A few months ago, and after the issue had been highlighted to the Spanish group by the ESG, a number of letters were sent by AGADEN to various Spanish authorities calling for action to clean up this waste.

     The response from La Junta explains how it has ordered La Linea Ayuntamiento to take all necessary steps to urgently eliminate further waste from being discharged into the sea and find an immediate solution to this problem. Current water sampling indicates this has not yet happened.

     The ESG hopes that this additional pressure from La Junta will produce results from the Ayuntamiento who recently said it would resolve the sewage problem by mid June. However, the ESG has not yet witnessed any activity to confirm that works have even begun. Both the ESG and beach users have received news from MEP Graham Watson’s office in Brussels that the Petition and Complaint are firmly in place and will remain so until such time as this issue is resolved.

     We shall continue to monitor the situation and invite members of the public to send in any information or photographs which may be helpful in resolving this problem.

     Please contact ESG 200-48996 or email: esg@gibtelecom.net  for further information