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    The ESG is delighted with yesterday’s announcement by the Gibraltar Government that a free bus service will be available for everyone as from this weekend (Frontier route excepted). This is really excellent news that sees one of the items on our wish list obtained even before the election.

    A free bus service could make a real difference in traffic and pollution levels locally if people embrace it and use it. The ESG hopes we will especially as regular bus use would reduce our fuel bills which are on the rise as petrol becomes ever more expensive. With the ongoing privatisation of car parks and parking tickets ever a threat, leaving the car at home for non-essential use could become the norm. Reducing stress in always looking for a parking space is another bonus of using a reliable and regular free bus service with a growing number of routes.

    The ESG has long campaigned for action on reducing air and noise pollution from our environment and we therefore reiterate our delight that with a robust bus service in place other measures can now move forward to liberate our streets from congestion thereby encouraging healthier mobility such as walking and cycling.