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  • ESG welcomes Budget on Greening up Transport and action on single use plastics 3rd July 2018

    ESG on Budget Vehicle and Plastic Matters


    The various budgetary environmental measures announced by the Chief Minister on greening up Gibraltar’s vehicles, is welcome news to the ESG. We have campaigned for such measures in fuel type used by local vehicles in line with a number of other European cities.

    Industry has been given substantial time to achieve these goals and we welcome and applaud the visionary plan to take our own community towards eventual, fully electrically powered transport.

    We would, however, like to see hybrid and plug-in-hybrid vehicles continue to be strongly incentivised and supported as part of the short to medium term plan given the necessary lead up time to full provision of facilities to power electric-only vehicles.

    The ESG urges Government to rethink this aspect of an otherwise positive and welcomed set of environmental measures announced to green up transport in Gibraltar.


    Measures on reducing single use plastics are also strongly welcomed.