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  • ESG visits Laguna Youth Club 20.03.18

    Last week the ESG delivered a presentation to the Laguna Youth Club on the Clean up the World (CUTW) Campaign. This forms part of an on-going programme running since the 2017 clean up, to promote discussion about litter and its impacts on the environment.

    It was most impressive to see the interest and knowledge expressed by many of the young people present in a lively discussion that lasted the best part of an hour. It was also very positive to see established recycling practices at the Club.

    The ESG was very pleased to present Laguna Youth Club volunteers with certificates for their participation in last years CUTW event and thanks the Youth Leaders for organising the visit.

    The Gibraltar Youth Service is a long-standing supporter of the Clean up the World Campaign having taken part each year since 2005.

    Please visit links to ESG FB page for more on presentations and photographs