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  • ESG visit new Power Station site 2nd June 2017

    The ESG was recently given a detailed tour of the new Power Station site by Chief Bouygues Engineer Jean-Francois Conci, and GibElec’s CEO, Michael Caetano. Of particular interest to the group was to learn more about the stack monitoring and real-time equipment, which has not yet arrived.


    Nevertheless the group was very impressed with the scale of the project and the thoroughness in which it is being undertaken. It will also be glad to take up another chance to visit the plant once the specialist monitoring equipment has arrived in Gibraltar.


    The group welcomes the opportunity to have been able to raise several technical questions about the new facility directly with the project leaders and would like to thank them for their time during our lengthy visit.


    The ESG also thanks the Minister for the Environment for making the visit possible.


    See ESG Facebook page for pictures of site visit