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  • ESG Responds to Active Travel Plan 31.01.23

    The ESG broadly supports the ‘Active Travel Strategy’ as a measure to encourage healthier travel like walking and cycling around our small town, as it also supports the measure to introduce signage with advice on distances to various locations, thereby encouraging both locals and visitors to leave their vehicles parked up.

    However, the group believes that without a time frame and confirmation of resources available, the Active Travel Strategy is meaningless.

    Moreover, if the proposed strategies are to be successful, a series of other measures must be introduced.

    – enforcement against idling everywhere, but particularly outside schools and crowded areas, is essential to improve air quality and protect public health.

    – pavement maintenance and provision should be reviewed to encourage safe walking.

    – effective Park & Ride measures enabling visitors to park close to the border would also be a huge boost to the success of the active travel strategy.

    – replacing public (and private) transport with clean emission vehicles is also urgently needed.

    – changing local laws on emissions based on year of manufacture, which essentially allows old vehicles to pollute with impunity. Current legislation has moved on because of the proven harmful health effects of such dirty emissions.

    – action on noise pollution from cars and motorbikes.

    – action on dangerous driving from vehicles and motorbikes.

    – cycle code of behaviour to be promoted with penalties for cyclists also in place.

    – enforcement and promotion of the new regulations for use of EScooters in Gibraltar.

    The ESG hopes Government gives these recommendations urgent traction to ensure measures like the “Active Travel Strategy” and future aspirations can reach their full potential. The group will also be appealing to the RGP to support the active enforcement of these measures once introduced, as they have done with the EScooters, to ensure their success to all our benefit.”