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  • ESG Reacts to Govt Energy Announcement

    ESG Press Release on
    New Govt Energy plans announcement

    The ESG welcomes Government’s announcement today on the new, temporary power station at the North Mole.

    After over a decade of campaigning, and several meetings held with Government throughout this year, we believe that at long last, steps are being taken that will help alleviate the shocking conditions created by the three ageing power stations, and suffered by thousands of local residents.

    Many understand that the noise and air emissions from these stations are not simply nuisance factors but are also harmful to health; therefore, a reduction of such pollution as pledged by the Chief Minister in his announcement today can only be seen as extremely positive news.

    Of course, this is a temporary solution and Government is still planning its final, and long-term power station replacement which we hope will also be located away from residential areas, follow highest standards and technology. We trust that a decision for this is taken soon.

    Meanwhile, it is understood that renewable energy options are also being looked at very carefully with a view to incorporating these into Gibraltar’s energy needs.

    The ESG has been calling for such measures for years and we therefore welcome all steps taken in this hugely important direction and await further announcements with interest.