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  • ESG on Air Sampling by NABU in Gibraltar 18.04.18

    ESG Press Release

    NABU Air Sampling on the Rock

    The ESG recognises the issues flagged up by NABU members on the Rock on high pollution levels near the port area but is surprised there was no contact made with the group prior to their visit on the Rock. Had they done so they would have realised that we have been campaigning and fighting for a pollution free Bay for close to two decades. The ESG has targeted local and regional sources of pollution with the CEPSA Oil Refinery forming a major part of its work in the early years.

    Shipping emissions are also of concern to the ESG who has for some time now been advocating for onshore power connection for berthed vessels throughout the Port area also calling for best practice in vessels anchoring off Gibraltar to minimise emissions at anchor. We have also called for real-time monitoring to be set up in the NW region of Gibraltar to better understand the impacts from shipping and other activity with appropriate actions to then follow.

    Details on all the groups concerns can be found on its website under List of Objectives. (See extract on Pollution below)

    What is clear however, is that as NABU has been carrying out a Mediterranean wide study on coastal emissions from shipping they should have taken similar snapshot samples at each hotspot throughout the Bay especially the Algeciras Port and CEPSA Terminal and then release pollution data, in order to portray similar impacts from shipping activity of all types in the Bay area.

    The ESG will be contacting NABU scientists and will also share with them its concerns about the serious environmental problems of the area in the hope that they will look at the Bay situation holistically and take all factors into account.


    Extract from ESG List of Objectives 2017 available at www.esg-gib.net

    4. POLLUTION – There are many areas we follow regarding air and noise pollution matters in Gibraltar and Bay area. As indicators the following represent most of the areas and issues in question:

    a. Real time air monitor for NW district

    b. Mobile air pollution monitor

    c. Onshore Power Supply (connection and conversion)- coming on stream –ESG following closely especially for Dockyard/Port and Extension Jetty facilities

    d. Ships at anchor – best practice to be applied by all visiting vessels to keep funnel emissions to a minimum

    e. Vapour recovery technology from shipping to eliminate fugitive fumes

    f.  Best practice and available technology

    g. Road idling –rules regarding unnecessary idling of engines by all road vehicles need to be enforce

    h. Airport air and noise impacts

    i. Border issues including traffic

    j. Fuel Stations relocation once runway road open   
                More details on request and in other sections in Document