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  • ESG Radio Newsletter December 2018

    ESG Radio Newsletter end of Year 2018


    During these unsettling times of Brexit and the endless rounds of discussions, it is clear that many of us worry about a number of issues affecting our future.


    A most worrying concern is also that because of the lengthy and endless nature of these discussions, that pretty much everything else takes second place despite many of these issues affecting us just as much if not more than Brexit ever could.


    I am talking here about the impacts of global warming and the important Climate Change talks presently underway in Poland, with protests also being held in many parts of the world, mainly led by the youth, shouting ever louder for their future to be better protected by those in authority today.


    Over the past few decades we have both admired and been inspired by Sir David Attenborough who has, through his unique delivery and passion, moved millions to appreciate and also fall in love with the wonderful world of nature. It is sobering then to hear him speak at these climate talks of the imminent and real threat to civilisation and to much of nature, if humanity fails to take action on global warming. The naturalist gave a terrifying picture of the future of humanity that was facing a major threat and that leaders had to drive down harmful emissions if they wanted to preserve the natural world. Let us hope for all our sakes that all those present pay attention to David and that urgent action will follow despite the regrettable rollback taken on this crucial issue by the likes of the USA, Russia and a few other countries.

    Now that would make a wonderful Christmas present to the World!


    As we face the end of 2018 and look ahead to a new year we hope that a lot of the work that we collaborate with to help our local environment will gather strength and deliver ever better results for Gibraltar. We are fast becoming a very busy city environment with all the highs and lows that go with a growing economy and population. This makes environmental impacts difficult to avoid with traffic and development particularly onerous. With regards to current air and noise pollution problems we understand there are some issues at present and are monitoring these to ensure the best results possible. We thank the community for supporting our efforts in the encouragement we receive and in the campaigns we run.


    We will remain vigilant on the repercussions on our cross border environmental campaigns if and when Brexit is achieved in some way, and have read with interest the potential approach for environmental management presented by the Memorandums of Understanding for this sector that looks at practical ways to manage regional environmental issues at a more local level.


    This Christmas we wish you all a peaceful, healthy and hopeful time and urge you to be mindful of reducing your waste, maximising your recycling and spending quality time with your loved ones.


    Have a Happy Green Christmas!!