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  • ESG Radio Newsletter   7th February 2019  

    The ESG notes there are growing numbers of entities and organisations pronouncing themselves as having the environment at the top of their agenda. This is a fresh and welcome change   – and bodes well for future generations. Of course, for our small group keeping the environment firmly on an apolitical footing is of paramount importance and our aims will continue in this vein as we run through what is likely to be election year in 2019.


    For those who may not be aware the ESG has been pressing for action on a number of environmental issues both in Gibraltar and the bay area since we formed in the year 2000. During this time we have fought many battles and made gains that now form part of our day-to-day lives.


    For other issues, we continue to experience difficulty in achieving closure and so we continue to meet, research, discuss and lobby for best possible outcomes. We do so transparently and every 18 months or so publish on-going issues via our List of Objectives. This document can be found at esg-gib.net and includes topics such as traffic and transport, power generation, climate change and renewables, waste issues, sewage treatment, shipping and all forms of pollution, cross border issues especially from our heavily industrialised Campo neighbours and major Oil Refinery – set to expand further!! – and of course planning and development. There are local sources of pollution that can and should be improved and we are working on these on a daily basis. We receive regular reports and make efforts to assist the public as best we can. We are very pleased to also welcome new members in 2019 who are helping take on different projects.


    Gibraltar’s developmental needs are currently riding high on our radar as our physical environment continues to change at a rapid pace with all the ensuing pressures, impacts and problems these create.


    Our long term aims in this area among several include updating the Gibraltar Development Plan asap to include the changes made to both the Heritage and Town Act, though the latter is still awaiting full transposition. Maintaining green areas in our city space and incorporating the protection of strategic vistas another significant measure in all planning applications.


    Talking of which Monday the 11th February 2.30pm sees a dedicated DPC meeting being held for the Government project for towers to be built at the edge of Eastern beach that includes the tallest buildings to be built in Gibraltar.

    This project heralds the start of major development that has been planned for decades at this site but the nature and scale of the project is not without concerns for the ESG who has previously publicly raised concerns about the need for a holistic plan and impacts on landscape for the entire area including Devil’s Tower Road. The meeting is open to the public and will be held at John Mackintosh Hall.

    Thanks for listening!