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  • ESG Radio Newsletter 6th June 2019

    ESG Radio Newsletter June 6th 2019

    Keywords: World Environment Day / Air Quality / Clean up Campaign / World Ocean Day / Climate Joint Petition / Next Public Meeting

    Hi, it’s the day after World Environment Day where many of us were busy highlighting environmental issues at Commonwealth Park.

    Apart from sharing awareness and information the growing presence of NGOs and individuals dedicating time and effort towards a better environment was clear to see.

    Of course the theme this year, is Air Quality, an issue very close to our heart and our displays and activity related directly to our concerns of air pollution in Gibraltar, their sources, and relation to climate change. We engaged multiple groups of children to interact with our giant footprints with a task to select different types of activity tiles such as travel, economy, energy, etc. and place these on a bad larger black footprint, or smaller and more environmental green one. The children responded well to the task and with enthusiasm.

    It gave an insight on the areas we need to improve in as a community and we were struck by the questions and comments we received from some individuals despite their age. We hope to repeat these awareness-raising activities during other events or at our Clean up Campaign in September.

    We also collected signatures for a petition being run by the ESG, Nautilus, GONHS, Pollution Watch and Sustainable Gibraltar calling for cross party support for an independent climate body funded to roll out a legally binding and timed agenda for action on climate change and in support of the Gibraltar Governments Climate Emergency Pledge. The NGOs will soon launch the online version and will be holding street collection of signatures to be announced.

    We now look ahead to World Ocean Day where different associations will be taking on the challenges of cleaning our shoreline and underwater sites. The Department of Environment will be leading at Rosia Bay and is calling for volunteers to help. Other clean ups are planned and the ESG is very happy to be supporting in terms of provision of equipment and time.

    With elections looming the ESG is putting together our concerns with a view to call for measures to be included in the next budget and will also be holding meetings with all political parties to discuss our objectives. With this and more public meetings planned to maintain a citizen focus on climate change it certainly looks like a busy time ahead. Next public mtg is scheduled for the 20th June – more information on this soon.

    A reminder that volunteers for September’s CUTW can sign up by emailing esg@gibtelecom.net.

    Thanks for listening.