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    ESG Radio Broadcast 30th October 2014


    “Tomorrow morning the ESG co-ordinates the removal of several one ton sacks of waste from Seven Sisters, and we are reminded, once again, of the very positive way that the Clean up the World campaign pulls together the necessary muscle and community resources to get these difficult jobs done.

    The large volume of plastic and other marine debris that piles up on the shores of this very beautiful part of Gibraltar’s coastline, in between each Clean up, is collected, sorted and set aside for a suitable time that GibDock can assist in craning this out of the area.  We therefore thank all those concerned whose efforts and collaboration make this possible each year.

    In 2014 this has involved the Gibraltar Defence Police marine transport, the Dept of the Environment, GibDock, Gibraltar Community Support Services and Master Services.

    So it brings me to an important announcement, and one, of which we are very proud, is that at last nights Heritage Trust Awards, the ESG was one of those chosen to receive a group heritage award for our efforts these past ten years in campaigning and working for a better environment in Gibraltar under the Clean up the World banner.

    I was very pleased to accept this on behalf of the ESG and all those hundreds of hard working volunteers over the past ten years, from every sector of our community, who come back, time and again, to support this hands-on campaign. One that raises much awareness, transforms some hotspot areas, or starts a chain reaction in others, which subsequently receive badly needed, and long-term attention. This campaign works because of its cross-community nature.

    We are grateful to the Heritage Trust for recognising the value the Clean up the World Campaign represents for Gibraltar’s built and natural environment with this special award.

    Finally, just to say that teams have already started to sign up for 2015, and although it is yet to be confirmed, we are looking at the weekend of the 19th/20th September as potential key dates.


    You can register by emailing: esg@gibtelecom.net  or calling 20048996.

    More information will soon be published on our website which you can find at: esg-gib.net.

    Thanks for listening.”