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  • ESG Radio Newsletter 30/06/16

    ESG Radio Newsletter 30th June 2016


    -In the run up to the referendum on Brexit we urged the community to support a Remain vote to continue to have the best chance at a better quality of life and a healthier living environment.


    -While there have been and continue to be environmental problems facing our community, both at local and regional level, the support, backbone and framework provided over the decades by the EU on environmental management and improvement has been of utmost value to our group and critical to our many fights at every level. People have been talking to us about what now on the Refinery, for example?


    -Indeed this has been a major campaign for us since 2002 and one that we have only been able to fight at European level. The Leave vote, for now at least, threatens our ability to do this but let me say that we are determined to continue to fight such Bay pollution and will be exploring what options these may be. We have already begun discussions with our cross border colleagues on the implications from this vote on our existing work and campaign.


    -While the environment did not feature in the referendum in great detail, only referred to broadly as environmental protection, the EU legislates in all aspects of our lives to ensure we reduce negative environmental impacts and increases sustainability. In our case, as a grassroots Env NGO we campaign for clean air and water, renewable energy, on pollution, traffic, shipping and other industry, waste and more. All linked to EU management, research, legislation and enforcement.


    -These are fundamental to a decent, safe and modern society that looks after its people, biodiversity and the living environment and it is heartening to see our Government and Opposition united to take strident steps in efforts to retain the link to the EU which has served us so well on so many different levels. Good luck and the support of the community is clearly with you!


    -In the midst of so many upsets, uncertainties and political upheavals, we, as an environmental NGO, have to remain focused on our area of concern and interest. We also need to think about potential scenarios where we may not be able to slip easily into maintaining our EU links.


    -In this case we have always advocated for EU standards and above to be applied in Gibraltar regarding environmental impacts, given the size of our small nation, and thus the direct impact of any polluting activity.


    –Our team will continue to highlight the need for Gibraltar’s own Environmental plans and laws to be of the highest possible standards and rigorously applied and will also continue to promote ideal solutions as we have done for over fifteen years.


    Todays newsletter has focused on this issue because of the magnitude of the impact of the leave result on all our lives and especially from an environmental point of view. Do please email us at esg@gibtelecom.net or visit our website esg-gib.net if you would like to know more about the issues we follow.


    Thanks for listening.